Career Designing: Why do you need this?

Not everyone lands up in a career that they are passionate about. Many professionals face difficulty in transitioning to a career that gives them a sense of purpose, fulfillment & helps them thrive. The reasons can be varied - some do not know what they want to do or where they should start, some have clarity on what they want to become but are not aware of the steps that they need to take, whereas some are just too busy to even think about it and some might have made a detailed plan around it but fail to make progress.

The Clevered Approach to Career Designing


Getting Started With A Growth-Mindset

Believe that you can grow. Stretch your existing abilities and get on with lifelong learning.


Take the Career Design Quiz

Take the 15 min adaptive quiz developed by psychologists and get a career design report based on your career profile and goals


Book your Career Design Session

1-to-1 Career Design session with your mentor for structured guidance to help you design your career


The Continuous Journey

Lifelong learning is the key in this journey. Your mentor will check your progress and continue to guide you


Choose your Career Mentor

Our mentors will help you plan better, gain confidence, break out of your comfort-zone & stay committed to your action plan

Get Started With Career Designing

Take your Career Design Quiz

Book a time with your mentor for your 1-to-1 Career Design session

  • Ajay-Kelkar

    Ajay Kelkar

    An entrepreneurial leader with over 27 years of experience across industries

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  • Urvashi-Malhotra

    Urvashi Malhotra

    An engaging facilitator, coach, and partner to bring about visible cultural and performance shifts.

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  • Suva-Chattopadhyay

    Suva Chattopadhyay

    A holistic and practical Coach, Facilitator, Leadership & Sales Force Effectiveness consultant.

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  • Jaydeep-Chakraborty

    Jaydeep Chakraborty

    An innovator & creator of technology products with a passion for teaching & coaching.

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  • Prateek-Rajvanshi

    Prateek Rajvanshi

    An ex-MNC banker, passionate about lifelong learning and mentoring

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