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Mentorship in organizations

Barriers to Mentorship

Workplace Mentoring

More than 25% of both mentor & mentee received a raise in 5 years as compared to 5% of managers who did not mentor anyone
1 in 4 millennials credit a mentor for helping them seek a leadership role
71% of Fortune 500 companies have mentorship programs
Businesses which receive mentoring see 20% more growth than those who don't

Without formal training of mentors, only 30% of mentoring relationships succeed. With training this increases to 66%

Poorly constructed matches can lead to lasting psychological effects on mentees and bring down the organization’s ROI

Without the right technology support, managing multiple aspects of learning gets extremely challenging

Without right KPIs, program measurement and data, learning progression fails

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Why do organizations need mentorship

Employee Satisfaction

Employees that participate in mentoring programs have a higher job satisfaction

Synergy & productivity

Mentoring gives employees, both mentors, and mentees the opportunity to be better and more productive than either could be individually

Reduces the cost of learning

Mentoring has been rated the most effective method of learning (even more effective than classroom training) and its cost is minimal

Career Growth / Succession Planning

Mentoring programs are an effective way to provide a career growth path to your employees

Faster onboarding & deployment

Speed up the process of bringing on new hires and speed up the process of redeploying existing employees into new lines of work

Creates a learning culture

With mentorship, you are creating a company culture that values learning and development

Our Corporate Mentorship Programs


Curating Employee Growth- Career Mentoring

Attrition among Millennials is high. Career mentoring helps millennials & talented recruits curate their career goals, learn & appreciate organization culture and align their aspirations with organization team goals.

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Turning the Tables- Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring presents a twist to the traditional mentoring by matching a younger mentor with a senior mentee. Business leaders at times may feel that they are not technologically well versed, and they struggle to stay relevant.

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Forging Women of Tomorrow- Women Mentoring

At entry levels, the number of male and female employees is almost at par but at senior levels the number is skewed in favour of males. Women mentorship can play an important role in preparing and ensuring more women leaders.

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How do we do it?

Mentorship Workshop

  • Build awareness of mentorship construct & application
  • Help us realize your needs & readiness

Turning Managers to Mentors

  • In person skill labs with role plays
  • One-to-one & Group mentoring sessions
  • Evaluation & action plan

Scale Up

  • Augment your current set of mentors with our mentor pool

What enables us?

Pool of mentors

  • We have a pool of cross-functional mentors, leaders and coches across industries

Mentorship Platform

A technology platform which enables us to do:

  • Mentor mentee matching
  • Video based mentoring system
  • Measuring the impact - Kirkpatrick Model

Our Framework

  • DIAL Framework - Discover, If-Then-Else, Agreement, Live It Out

Our Mentorship Framework

DIAL framework is conceptualized by industry leading psychologists, coaches & business leaders and it forms the foundation of our mentoring programs



Situation Analysis for the Mentees - Where they are now, their aspirations and current skills



Checking the possibilities and the related change by giving the needs of mentees a voice



Convergence between mentee & mentor about the way forward, their roles & review metrics


Live it out

It is the execution phase with a focus on mentee progress review and course corrections, if needed

Our Mentorship Platform

Our technology platform will help you in mentor-mentee matching, manage conversations and track program objectives


Setting up the program

Define program objectives and set up mentorship program groups.


Mentor-mentee matching

Match right mentors with right mentees based on career aspirations, skills, background & personality.


Manage conversations

Enable DIAL framework. Schedule conversations on chat, video, call or in-person. Share learning materials, share progress updates and get feedback.


Measure outcomes

Capture data across the DIAL framework. Real-time reporting to track program KPIs.